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Three-bedroom apartament in the centre of Varna!
Varna / Vins
Near the Sea garden! Price: 125000 € Luxury two-bedroom apartment in the prestige area of Evksinograd!
Varna / Euksinovgrad area
Only 100 meters away from the beach! Price: 115000 € One-bedroom apartment in the complex Panorama beach, Byala!
Varna region / Byala
Only 800 meters away from the sea! Price: 33000 €

A three-storey house in area of Akchelar!

Varna Akchelar area

Panoramic two-bedroom aparatment in town Obzor!

Burgas region Obzor

New house in the village of Bliznatsi!

Varna region Bliznatci village

Оne-bedroom apartment in an attractive area of Varna - "Alen Mak" !

Varna region Alen mak

Panoramic two-bedroom apartment in the area of Evksinograd!

Varna Euksinovgrad area

Holiday one-bedroom apartament in the resort of St.St. Konstantin and Helena!

Varna region St.St.Konstantin i Elena Resort

New two-bedroom apartment in the heart of city Varna!

Varna Top Centre

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