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New one-storey house in the village Kalimantsi!
Varna region / Kalimantsi village
Only 17 km away from Varna! Price: 74999 € Development land with project!
Burgas region / Obzor
300 meters from the sea. Price: 66000 € Apartment in the resort Golden sands! !
Varna region / Golden sands resort
Only 300 meters from the beach. Price: 59000 €

Cozy apartment in the area of Regional Hospital!

VarnaRegional Hospital

Three-storey house/hotel in "Galata" District !


Panoramic apartment in a gated residential complex in Byala!

Varna regionByala

А luxury house in the village of Priselci!

Varna regionvillage Prisletsi

A one-bedroom apartment in district Vinitsa!


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